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The Fearless Pursuit Of Freedom Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

Brian walks us through the battles of leaving his 9-5 to pursue his own freedom and unlock more time to spend with his family.

We talk a little on what works in his business, what tech we use, building a team, and more!

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Dec 19, 2018

One of my longest interviews to date and for good reason.

We do talk a lot on what goes into finding, funding, rehabbing, leasing out and marketing an RV park and other commercial asset classes.

Vance explains why he sold off his SF portfolio to move into commercial deals to have less stress and better economy of scale.

Dec 12, 2018

Justin bought his first house nearly 20 years ago and has since expanded into several markets rehabbing for long-term holds.

After years of successful real estate endeavors, he began to take interest in other avenues and now runs a successful manufacturing company as well as an oil company out of San Antonio all from his...

Dec 5, 2018

Donald, a former contract specialist for the US Dept of Veteran Affairs, shares how and why he started one of the nations leading CRM platform for investors, REI Automation Squad.

We briefly touch on his partnership in a brokerage back home in Wisconsin and why they decided to start that endeavor and where its headed.

Nov 28, 2018

Justin is what seems to be an over night success. But looks can be deceiving. Justin shares how he went from small town punk kid to dominating the Dallas wholesale market in 2018.

He shares his struggles and what a massive mindset shift taught him on overcoming fears and living with the abundance mentality.

Whats even...