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The Fearless Pursuit Of Freedom Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

Chris walks us through how he has spent his last 10years investing in real estate, from wholesaling to rehabbing to building houses.


Chris left college to pursue his passion in real estate and with his work ethic, it has paid off in a big way. 


Just as many others who venture into real estate, he started out with wholesaling. After building up some capital and relationships, he was able to start rehabbing, which led to building on infill lots.


Here recently, Chris has taken down a small apartment complex with some partners and is now focusing on building a stronger wholesaling business.


With the success, he began to build a brand which brought along a lot of newbies asking questions. With a service heart and go giver mentality, he decided to start a coaching/mentoring program with a partner to help show the way to aspiring and seasoned real estate investors. 


Shoot a message over to Chris to learn more about his group, the “Lions Den”.

Contact Chris here: