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The Fearless Pursuit Of Freedom Podcast

Jun 5, 2019

Gary has been in the real estate world since 2004. In that time he’s flipped hundreds of houses and been through a couple market cycles.


Aside from learning to change directions during shifts, he found that building systems and get coaching from those he looked up to, became far more important to build a sustainable long term business.


So Gary took on personal and business coaches, joined several masterminds, and started building an all in one, done for you system for investors called Listen in to see what all his team provides for the real estate investor.


One of the biggest topics of the convo was how as entrepreneurs, we tend to think we can do it all, that no one can do it better, or we can spend the money on it. But what high level CEO’s do best is, they delegate the low level, low cost per hour tasks out, while they focus on the $10,000 tasks.


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