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The Fearless Pursuit Of Freedom Podcast

Mar 3, 2024

Have you ever gone a fews months, a quarter, or an entire year thinking "Man, I am killing it", only to discover that the bank account is empty?

David tells us why we need to utilize the "envelope" method within our business to ride the waves of business.


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Feb 2, 2024

Power couple Candace & Anthony Coffey dive into the struggles and wins of growing a family business. 

I love how vulnerable and open these guys were in regards to the struggles that all entrepreneurs deal with, and how they've overcome them to build a respectable, well known brand in the community.

Feb 1, 2024

After 1000 real estate deals, Nathan Brooks shares insights on what he's learned along the way. From building, empowering and managing a team around you to embracing vulnerability, and finding the strength to learn from our mistakes

Feb 1, 2021

Mike really dives into the pitfalls, hurdles and massive positive impacts that simply changing your mindset can do for your life and business. We briefly discuss his growing rental portfolio and then really dig into his new endeavor, Overland Flagstaff. With his new company, he provides fully equipped Toyota Tacomas...

Apr 15, 2020

Steven really dives in and shares with me how he’s been able to grow his real estate portfolio to over 650 units, including nearly 50 AirBnbs!

Stevens Instagram:...