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The Fearless Pursuit Of Freedom Podcast

Aug 22, 2018

Daniel Moore has been through thick and thin! Daniel tells us how he went from nothing to being one of the top producing content/lead providers in the country. His love of helping others has built a massive following allowing him to build DFW's largest real estate networking meet up to date.

Daniel overcame his fears of the unknown and learned to outsource low dollar tasks and hire experts in their field to scale with great precision. He tells us why and how he went about it utilizing virtual assistants and understanding that we can't be an expert in everything!

His company Propelio provides leads, comps and now many other cool things including investor sites! It has been a big part of my business from the beginning.

Soon to come, the Propelio team will launch an attack on all shady guru's by providing a massive real estate academy with over 30 of the top entrepreneurs as your teachers! How much you say? Free baby! Ya, their love of giving back has set them on a mission to help everyone attain their goals in real estate.